Skin Hunger (2020-22)

A Collaboration with Ira Greenberg, Melanie Clemmons (2020-21), and Brent Brimhall

Skin Hunger is a web-based interactive system for telematic installation and performance that plays on the zoom-style video-chat that has become ubiquitous during the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants can reach across their screens to virtually ‘touch’ one another.  By touching or moving together, participants create virtual organisms and sounds that emerge and evolve from participant relation and interaction, making the intangible connection tangible and giving it life.  

Participants can experience the web-based browser version of Skin Hunger by going to and sending a link to a friend to join them. The website requires camera and microphone access.

Skin Hunger is a collaborative interactive project realized by Courtney Brown, Brent Brimhall, Ira Greenberg, and Melanie Clemmons (2020-21). 

Note from the artist (Courtney Brown):
For me, the work begins with my work in interactive Argentine tango social dance, which came to an abrupt pause during the pandemic just as I was planning to introduce my social dance system to the local dance community in Dallas. I had also become interested previously in making musically interactive work for social dance and movement that had a lower barrier to entry than Argentine tango. The aim is to work to encourage participants to move together as one as part of / inside the music, to connect in an embodied way, as we do in tango, but accessible for the complete dance novice and in the isolated context of the pandemic.